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DR.RASHEL Honey Yeast Collagen Soy Oil Enhancement Lifting Enlargement Big Breast Tight Cream

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  • Breast Enlargement Cream is a mixture of herbs and natural substances which works on enlarging the bust
  • Main effect. Breast enhancement, breast compact, delicate breast skin, balance hormones, reduce PMS symptoms, reduce the breast blood flow, activate the breast tissue, and so on.
  • After used. It makes your breasts more full, promotes, increases personal charm, and self-confidence.

Note: it will not immediately make the effect. You need to have been continuous for 4 months. For different women, the effect is different, so you need to wait patiently after used.

Usage: After washing the areas to be treated well with water. Apply the right amount of cream by massaging it gently until it is absorbed by the skin completely . Preferably use it twice a day, morning and evening.