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Hello Winters; How to Stay Comfortable During Periods in Winter? Blogs
Hello Winters; How to Stay Comfortable During Periods in Winter?
Areeba Abid June 20, 2023


How do you deal with your period in the winter?

Whether you are in your early teens or turning 40, that time of the month is always difficult to handle especially in winter. Winter usually makes you want to stay inside, wrap up in bed with a blanket and never want to leave. We understand fully. You get sick quickly, your attitude tends to decline, it's cold outside, and you just don't feel like getting out and meeting people. 

Thankfully nowadays we can opt for such methods, tips, and tricks to fully utilize ourselves to help our bodies. So are you ready to get comfortable this winter in dealing with periods? Let's get to know some tricks!

Heating Pads

This is the most popular but efficient method for reducing period discomfort. Put a hot water bottle on your abdomen. Just find a comfortable position to sit or lie down. Relax before sleeping while reading a book or scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Keep your body warm

Layer up your clothing. Keep your body warm by wrapping up yourself with shawls in addition to your sweaters. Wear caps, and gloves to keep your feet warm by wearing woolen socks. It will help in reducing cramps and pain.

Hot Bath or Shower

Hot water works like magic! If you are having sore or tensed muscles, or are stressed out, a hot water bath will do wonders. It will help you strengthen muscles and your body relax.

Stay Hydrated

Water is truly more of a friend than anything else. The more water you consume, the better. It may seem strange to need more water while you're feeling the most bloated, puffy, and full. Although there is no clear suggestion for how much water each individual should consume, it is generally recommended to consume eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Carry a water bottle with you if you're always on the go, and try to fill it up numerous times during the day.

Do some exercise

Mood swings much? Keep yourself active! Exercising when on periods is really appreciated by Health Care because of amazing endorphins. It might be the last thing you want to do while menstruating but it will help you keep the blood flow regularly. 

Even though it's common knowledge that you shouldn't exercise during your period, simple activities like walking can ease cramps and boost your energy. Exercises that pressurize your stomach area should be avoided.

Avoid Caffeine

It's advised to minimize your intake of caffeine during your period because it can irritate your stomach and cause you to feel achy, crampy, and bloated. In addition to avoiding caffeine, it's a good idea to stay well clear of sweet and fizzy beverages, both of which can worsen bloating.

Herbal tea is a tasty refreshment alternative without caffeine. To lessen bloating and feel better during your period, get a cup of hot tea (such as ginger, green tea, peppermint, or chamomile).

Eat Healthy Foods

Try choosing healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables or other low-sodium items that won't cause bloating if you're wondering what to eat when you're on your period. 

Your stomach will thank you for not eating processed foods and consuming excessive amounts of salt. Processed foods can have a lot of salt in them and cause further bloating. No thanks! 

Proteins like those from fish and chicken as well as wholesome fats from almonds and avocados are additional good buys for a nutritious diet. 

Consider dark chocolate if you want (need) a little something sweet. It's a fantastic source of magnesium, which can help regulate serotonin and improve your mood.

Relax and get some good sleep

Period pain might worsen the effects of actual period fatigue. Getting enough sleep might help your body and mind recover if you're feeling knocked down during your period. Sleep for at least 8 hours every night, especially when your menstruation is in season.

Just relax your body when you don't feel like working. Your daily chores can definitely wait! 

Periods might make the winter much harder for you. Be strong, though! Sisters, we all experience exactly what you do! Whenever and wherever you can, seek help. You'll be amazed by how many people want to support you!

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