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In June 2022, driven by drastic climate change, heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan caused flooding. These floods proved to be disastrous as they robbed approximately 33 million people - many lost their lives and many more lost their homes and livelihood. 

Among all the death and destruction, Superwomen Pakistan rose to the challenge and took measures to help Pakistan get back on its feet.

In times of a crisis like this, people tend to neglect their health and hygiene more often, which puts them at the risk of medical complications. 

Prioritising the safety, health and hygiene of those affected by floods, Superwomen Pakistan took charge and arranged successful donation drives. Multiple sanitary products and especially made customised kits were donated in bulk, including sanitary pads in different sizes. The Superwomen team personally saw to the task and met with people from affected areas. Women were especially educated on matters of feminine hygiene and their concerns were addressed. The Superwomen team went an extra mile and took complete responsibility for 800 families.

Many notable figures and organisations became a part of this initiative and helped Superwomen Pakistan expand their efforts, including Abdullah Ehsan Syed from FFP, Dr. Adnan Khan from Sharif Medical City, Naurin Farhan, Sanam Rehan, Batool Jaffery, Tehreem Naseer Khan and students from Medicare Hospitals and LNMC.