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How Does HeatWave Affect Period Flow? Blogs
How Does HeatWave Affect Period Flow?
Sadaf Altaf June 24, 2022

The sweltering climate and soaring temperature are the common signs of mid-June Summer. The scorching heat nowadays is affecting everything from our eating habits to sleeping. Health and period flow are no more exceptions.

The unpleasant feeling of having your periods during summer is relatable to all. The thought of laying yourself up with period necessities is grossed itself.  However, heatwaves cannot worsen our periods but it can surely affect our capacity for dealing with them. 

Understanding your body is important. Our periods change in Summer because we change our habits that are related to it. We spend more outdoor time, eat less, and change sleep patterns twice daily. Maintaining a well-balanced diet and lifestyle will help your body to adjust to the temperature thus helping you understand your body and flow.

Sun exposure also affects the length of your cycle. Summer is known for ovarian activity which is why even though periods last longer in winter, they are more intense during summer months. As a result, the rate at which you bleed may increase and you may need to change your pad more often. Moreover, acne, fatigue, and stress are common symptoms of Summer periods. 

What can you do to ward off the unpleasant feelings to go through your Summer period like a pro? We have rounded up some of the trips and tricks that will help you manage your period easily.  

  1. Staying hydrated is necessary, drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water during that time.
  2. Drink as much coconut water as you can. It will help you smooth out your PMS. 
  3. Eating fresh fruits will help you in maintaining your mental health.
  4. Do not go for regular undergarments. Opt for soft and cotton stuff as they do not stick to the skin.
  5. Swapping pads with menstrual cups is also a good option. For some good options visit our site.
  6. If you use a pad, change it every 3- 4 hours to avoid rashes and itching. 
  7. Keeping the vaginal area clean and hygienic is very essential. Use of a good feminine wash will help you stay away from infections. Visit our website to see some amazing products.
  8. Do not forget to do some mild exercises to ease any discomfort and pain. 

Sun will keep trolling us for some months now, but by following the above-mentioned tips you can manage your cycle. Plus a good diet and some light cardio will help you wave by the period of unpleasantness. Know your body and don't let the temporary unbalance disturb you. Have a safe period!

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