Why Periods are so unfriendly during winter!

Why Periods are so unfriendly during winter!

Darkest, coldest but the enjoyable season of the warm retreats, winter is the season of warmth and comfort. Everyone loves curling up in the blanket, but have you ever thought that periods also get into hibernation during winters. Yes, nothing burns like a period in winter.

Just like the mood, stress and diet, winter has also a significant amount of effect on our menstruation cycle. Cold winds are not only unfriendly but also stirs up health for ladies. It can prove devastating especially when we are on periods.

Lack of Sunlight is the main factor in cramping the menstrual cycle. Some of the other problems it causes are as follows.

1; During winters when the sun plays hide and seek and shows less exposure, we have to deal with insufficient vitamin D. This deficiency can lead women to face decreased hormone secretion ovarian activity, which, in simple words, means your period will stay a little longer than hot days.

2: There always comes a time when a frigid cold keeps us inside, hence limiting our outdoor exposure, forcing us to play all-day drag. But moving less, and eating more in winter can negatively affect the menstrual system. As compared to summer when you are active there is a more manageable and easy menstrual cycle.

3: The inevitable cold weather freezing us to death is relatable; it is equally affecting our blood vessels and causing contraction in our uterus. Due to cold, our blood vessels compress, which leads to a narrow path for flow, ultimately causing pain on blood restriction. Eventually turning periods into a nightmare.

4: Vitamin D deficiency triggers PMS that causes severe mood swings, increased panic, weaker immune system, feeling of sadness and loneliness, exhaustion, and period fatigue.

Though periods are intolerable, but thanks to superwoman's blog section you can now enjoy stress-free periods with little tips that we have rounded up for you to alleviate period discomfort. So the need is to give yourself some extra care, and heat. Just soak up as much heat as you can, it will help your body, mood and mind to relax.

Painkillers are not encouraged for severe pain in the lower abdomen as it makes the blood thicker. Instead, you can take a hot shower to help you relax. Massaging the area with any essential oil helps mitigate pain. Mild exercise, a hot bottle of water can assist vessels to relax.

Moreover, water retention, a well-balanced diet, can also help you stay energetic.

These tips can get you through period pain like a pro. If still, the matter is worse, like excessive bleeding or intolerable pain, don't delay in visiting a gynaecologist.

Have a safe menstrual cycle!

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