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Striving for a better Pakistan | Superwomen x DigiPill News & Updates
Striving for a better Pakistan | Superwomen x DigiPill
Eman Asghar November 10, 2022

Collaboration is a working strategy where people get together for a common goal to advance a business. Collaboration enables people to cooperate in order to accomplish a clear and shared corporate goal.

Superwomen and DigiPill Joint Venture:

Considering this notion of collaboration DigiPill and Superwomen Pakistan have joined hands in bringing out the best of their abilities for the sake of Pakistani Society. Both have reached each other as potential partners.

  • Superwomen :

Superwomen Pakistan was founded in 2021 with the basic objective to raise awareness of feminine hygiene. Women in Pakistan lack the means to achieve self-care and feminine hygiene which puts them at risk of health complications. It also provides an abundant variety of feminine hygiene products at very reasonable prices. Their vision is to empower women in all possible way. 

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  • DigiPill:

DigiPill is basically an online pharmacy. But it goes an extra mile in its efforts. By addressing the gap in the present health crisis, DigiPill strives to establish and develop relationships between patients and healthcare professionals. Our pharmacists will certainly perform their duties with assurance, commitment, and responsibility. Additionally, it will undoubtedly be a different experience for young pharmacists to explore their potential beyond what is expected of them. 

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How Superwomen and DigiPill is benefiting the Society?

Joining hands for the same cause will never go in vain. Sharing resources is the key feature of collaboration. Dividing and providing areas of expertise helps in flourishing the business more. In the same way, it will widely provide the people of Pakistan, especially women, access to not only health and hygiene products but also medical facilities. . 

Gathering different viewpoints in solving problems brings out more ideas. Society is catered in a better way. Reaching a wider audience is a must-have for every business, every start-up. Together the audience is shared and hence the viewership increases. Collaboration not only bring glad tidings for collaborating partners but also for their customers and clients as they now have access to a wider range of services. 

Various seminars are being conducted to spread awareness. Podcasts are already in line. Written material is made more available. Events are being held in different areas at different times. Various tasks are set simultaneously. Multiple experts are invited to give free education. Many health and hygiene-related discussions have been generated to educate people who lack basic information and knowledge.

Reaching Out to Flood Victims:

Together they are already performing really well in reaching out to flood victims. Women are largely affected and derived from basic necessities of their hygiene. Menstrual hygiene kits were provided at a very large scale to cater to the issue of young girls and women. DigiPill is giving out free medications to those who are already suffering from different diseases now. Multiple flood relief donation camps have been organized already and are still now furthermore in plans to accommodate devastated victims of the flood. Medical emergency kits along with hygiene kits are made available to many areas devastated by flood.

Other Benefits of Collaboration:

We can count on the numerous benefits of collaboration it brings not only to our society but also to the brands and influencers. 

  1. Working together as a team Superwomen and DigiPill are ideally exchanging methods and resources to enhance each other's areas of expertise. DigiPill excels at research in medication and Superwomen Pakistan is particularly gifted when it comes to raising awareness regarding feminine hygiene. Together their strengths are combined to create distinctive results.
  2. As a one-unit “Superwomen and DigiPill” has shared different ideas to bring out for the betterment of society. Different ideas can come forward to make a greater plan. The ideas with Superwomen Pakistan and DigiPill are more refined by adding a different perspective to the main idea. Even if the topic generally agrees, the other could have different insights and points to make.
  3. Not to mention, as partners, Superwomen and DigiPill have immensely increased their potential reading and viewership. Social media followers have been boosted to another significant number. Largely the products are now more visible to a wide audience.

We wish all the best for this beneficial collaboration and more success to Superwoman and DigiPill.

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