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Hygia Vending Machine - How to use

Instructions for using the Hygia Superwomen Period Vending Machine:

 Hygia Feminine Hygiene Machine by Superwomen Pakistan

  • Approach the machine
  • Choose your payment method
  • RFID card (if provided by your company)
  • QR code through the mobile app
  • If using an RFID card, hold it close to the machine to establish a connection
  • If using a QR code, scan it using your smartphone or device
  • Select the product you wish to purchase from the options displayed on the screen
  • Confirm your selection to proceed with the purchase
  • Complete the purchase process either through the RFID card or the QR code payment system
  • Once the payment is successful, the machine will dispense your selected product
  • Take your item from the machine carefully
  • If you require a receipt, check the machine's screen for the option to print one
  • Enjoy your product!

Note: For any issues or inquiries, please refer to the customer support contact details provided on the machine or your purchase receipt.