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Peecomfort with Feminine Wash

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Urination device portable High-Quality outdoor travel urinal funnel for women PeeComfort When you don`t want to sit on an unsanitary public toilet or when one is not available, you can rely on the PEECOMFORT. Completely hygienic and easy to use. Allows women of all ages to urinate in standing up, sitting down, or lying positions with undressing. Discreet portable & re-usable. Designed not to flow back, splash or spill. Just hold the PEECOMFORT against your 

Phenomenon hygiene Antiseptic wash with pH balance. A daily feminine hygiene wash Helps to control bad odor, itching, and excess discharge Cleanse, refresh & lighten skin. An effective and safe wash is a unique combination of Lactic (a natural antiseptic) & Alo Barbe Extract that can be used daily during bath & after bath. Helps to restore the pH level of the skin. Cleanse, refresh & lightens external V zone skin